Presencing Practice – aka Process not Things

Inspired by, though not adhering to Iain McGilchrist: The Matter With Things[i]. Rather than getting lost in the myriad twigs of his detail, I find I am more interested in the “unthought knowns” that follow, a take-off from his monumental endeavor. For reference, you might read the book, or see this picture of the contents … More Presencing Practice – aka Process not Things

Causative factor or derivative symptom? What should we do about Money?

We are in a mess, a muddle, a great complicated complexity of difficulties [pandemic, climate, inequality, black lives, biodiversity loss, soil degradation, decolonisations, oceans full of plastic, more]. We say the list is all connected, we try to access feelings and thoughts that will allow us to feel OK about what we do next. What … More Causative factor or derivative symptom? What should we do about Money?

‘eppy’ space

This blog is called “transitional space”. However, I have just invented a word for something I have been trying to articulate for a long time: an ‘eppy’ which is a result of a particular kind of transitional process. An eppy comes into existence through a transitional process. Is it a co-creation, or a revelation accepted? … More ‘eppy’ space

When Difficulty is Gift

With thanks to Monet, Sea Coast at Trouville, and Ivana who created the CPA tree [scroll down], this is a play on colonisation, and the institutional and cultural discrimination everywhere. [i] Fortunately we are not trees. The prevailing wind will not change, nor will the rocks, poisoned earth or damage that made the roots choose … More When Difficulty is Gift

Hurts and Injuries

This is one of several writings that emerge from “Black Lives Matter”, and my experience as white, so it is part of How do I learn? not What have I learned? Raw experience is a teacher, so the accounts will be personal to me, they may show ignorance, they may offend, or bring shame. The … More Hurts and Injuries