Can we do better?

This is my experimental website/blog. Almost everything on it is a work in progress, without much attempt to order the thinking.In Guiyang

Do not expect it to make sense. I am passionate about Human Rights. I use psychodynamic ideas, and free associations to other stuff which probably no-one but me, maybe not even me, can follow. My hope is that something worth having will now and again appear from the chaos. Why do it at all?
I have had such a varied and glorious and stressed and delightful time for the past ten years (as well as before that) in Scotland, Ireland, USA, China and New Zealand and worked with people from many other places, that I want to try to make some sense of what everyone shares, and what each of us finds different. Now it is 2019 and a brief CV is here.
Where does the Thinking Begin?
D.W.Winnicott insisted that transitional space, the space of the non-rational, neither rational nor unconscious and irrational, is the location of culture and identity. Also called in-between space, one important understanding arrives when the question ‘is this real?’ is not asked. The posts and pages on this blog will return to this idea, and notice what happens if the question is asked, or , if one person should insist to another that their understanding is paramount. This is just one of what I am calling “Big ideas”. Others come from history and philosophy and psychoanalysts like Wilfred Bion and Christopher Bollas. See the biography page for info about me and what I have been as a professional person/ordinary worker – a life from which I have now retired. My family has been the main influence in turning me into a traveller, but my work was founded for 40 years (help!) in psychodynamic understanding of people and their work, their roles and relationships. That sounds theoretical and grand, in practice it is ordinary. We all have emotional life, we all have more-or-less good-or-bad ways of understanding what happens to us. Try other topics in the menu above or the links below.
I think the site is for long posts, trying to develop thoughts about identity, culture and other things like politics, dire behaviour in world news, hopefulness.  My outlook is positive, I think human beings do learn, and the world is in fact better than once it was, even if each one of us only has a probability of being in that positive place.
My other blogs are a Diary: My World, Your World, One World
And where I write: Poetry of Moods and Moments

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