Who am I?


On a trip to Gateshead, UK

Dr. Elspeth Crawford retired from lecturing at the School of Education at Edinburgh University where she created innovatory courses in Social Justice, Emotional Education and Human Dynamics in Work Settings. At the Scottish Institute of Human Relations, involvement over many years included contribution to counselling courses, seminars for advanced practitioners and service on its management board. She has also worked teaching psychodynamic theory to Art Therapy trainees and engaged in consultancy to organizations in Scotland. Until 2009 she had a small private practice in psychodynamic consultancy and supervision with a special interest in groups, group cultures, organisational dynamics and the implementation of Human Rights. In recent years, work both ‘online’ and ‘offline’, developing learning awareness of ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ dimensions of experience, has included engagement with people from USA, Canada, China, Thailand, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and many countries in Europe.

The Dr. is in history and philosophy of science, obtained while a mother of three and a teacher of physics. My background view of myself is of being a scientist, learning about reality. This is relevant to all the other work, it informs it.

Psychodynamic awareness translates into practical human-ness across geographical and cultural boundaries, transforming relationships and decision-making in many different contexts. Personal family experience (in four continents) has emphasised a feeling of fluidity about cultures of the world. The concept of ‘social suffering’ experienced by too many, and the manifest failures of human rights at home as well as abroad, are motivators to try to collect the ideas which could enable us to do better. The science is as much about what we do not know, as well as finding what we can know, for now.

There is evidence of a much older (much older) website here which is mostly about work, who I was, a current fun and family blog here and a place where I write poetry.

If such things interest you, A CV is here.

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