Resilience or Resistance to Psychopathy

Not being drawn in to psychopathy?

The influence of a psychopathic person, or the influence of a psychopathic culture (I have just read Will Black: Psychopathic Cultures and Toxic Empires and found Steve Becker’s blog.). I am thinking of other ideas that may or may not mean similar things, such as Hoggett‘s perverse social structure, the “as-if” culture, institutionalisation, and hegemony.

I found “Five Steps to Tyranny” on you tube, one of the best ever documentaries.

I think I like the word TOXIC to describe this human thing. I think we all either do it or are involved somehow. It is as much a part of the human condition as breathing. that is the message contained in five steps. It is ordinary. But I do not think it is the only part of the human condition that matters, so we should not be afraid of toxicity.

  • Just, learn to recognize it.
  • Then, learn how to put it back on the shelf: Toxic, Poison, not needed except for very specific, careful, use, if at all.
  • Look at each of the five steps
  • At each one, there is an option, to proceed differently.

I am going to take this post further tomorrow.

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