Splitting, and states of mind

How does a mind cope with experience, its experience of itself and the body that it is in? Especially, as is the case at birth, with new experience, with a mind that is just at a beginning stage of development?

a) perception has impacted on mind or body or both.

b) Mental discomfort too great, Self splits:

  • Keep perception of the ‘good’, comfortable enough, and get rid of perception of the ‘bad’, too uncomfortable, Short-term survival, I am OK and can manage, But, the experience deemed bad can no longer be perceived, it is lost to feeling and thought. The ‘good’ is unqualified, more ideal, less real.
  • Splitting” is a word for biological process – the creation of emotion states in the mind/brain, and is both necessary and natural. It can be considered a process of psychic economy whereby the complex perception of a situation impacting on a mind that does not yet know the thought needed to think the perception, creates thinking capacity by attributing all its ‘x’ characteristics to one of a pair, and all its ‘y’ characteristics to the other.
  • Pleasure vs pain; Security vs threat; Seen before vs never seen before, etc.
  • The part of perception that can be kept is a goody, goodies are all-good and wear white hats, and the baddies are all-bad and wear black hats. We often add a defense such as denial or projection to the ‘baddie’ characteristics.

In hindsight, a stunningly obvious revelation to which this leads is that we never know ALL about a context, nor can we predict all consequences. Certainty is not a real quality, but an ideal one. Certainty is regrettably often confused with security needs, where in fact security arises from capacity to deal with the second part of the process, the acceptance of feedback.

c) Different states of mind, previously written and thought about version: (as here)

  • Splitting takes place, then, following feedback from “other”
  • EITHER – Transcends splitting, bad recovered, to become integrated, open to experience, adapts to change, engages in creative play and thought, empathic to others, copes with real world anxiety and trouble, enjoys life, secure
  • OR – Maintains splitting according to circumstances, defensive, repeats behavior, seeks certainty, almost everything we know people do…
  • Both states carry an AUTHORITY picture, how authority is seen unconsciously – a transference picture

Anyone, BABY, CHILD, ADULT in age, can be in either state of mind, some of the time, all of the time, none of the time, momentarily, or for quite a while.We are connected to each other and dependent on the kind of feedback received. This can be from outside the self, form another, or from one’s developed inner world, another part of the self.

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