Default States of Mind

Thoughts when travelling to Shanghai last year, June 2011:

Reading Acquainted with the Night on the plane – poetry and psychoanalysis. Thought: Is one’s default position a depressive position or a paranoid-schizoid one? This is the fundamental query re pathology/twist, or normal/resilient development, no matter how primitive that development may be. The externals may drive a PS over and over but by default D emerges. Or, vice versa, the externals may seem good enough now (implication would be they were not good enough at some then) but by default some form of PS is the functioning state.

When creativity is being discussed (especially Kleinian views) there is often attention to struggle with loss, sublimation, etc., maybe this is the PS default. What about generous impulse, avidity for life, joy in existence? this would be the D default (a DD).

Another question, can a default position be changed?

That was it from the Sh Diary except my irritation with this book. It, like Psychoanalysis itself too often seems to conflate creativity with what is also called ART, or the Arts. Poetry is an art in this sense of course, but writing about it should not claim ‘creativity’, as if art and creativity were the same thing. As if science is not creative too, or engineering, or indeed, housekeeping. And, I think psychoanalysis at its best is a science too. The conflation writing would be one of Whitehead’s thought ‘fallacies’.

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