Big Ideas

These turn out to be more than big ideas. after a while they become a way one lives ones life. If that sounds like fundamentalism, or being a missionary, then read on as what I think you will find is that there are NO musts and shoulds in these ideas and no beliefs either. Beliefs may turn out to be located in transitional space also.

This post is a start to identify the list of ‘big ideas’.
They sound like theory and in some books that is what the way they are used, their meaning is more a way to meet the world, to be in the present, in touch. So the first idea is:

Here-and-Now – we live in the present.

Unconscious, and dynamic unconscious

Counter-transference and transference (usually written the other way round)

Object Relations, Identifications

Splitting and States of Mind, especially those called the PS and D – which stand for Paranoid-Schizoid and Depressive positions.

Bion’s Truth and Lie

Bion’s Basic Assumptions in Groups



Transitional Space

Structures of feeling

Neuroscience – mind and brain – distinguish affect, emotion, feeling. I do not know enough about what is happening here. Which reminds me that maybe the most important idea is that Not-knowing is greater than Knowing.

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